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Rescue Training Group offers a range of training courses. Course are regularly conducted throughout Australia.

Swiftwater Rescue First Responder
This course covers the fundamental skills and knowledge that anyone operating near moving water should possess. This includes outdoor enthusiasts and first level emergency responders. We cover safe work practices, personal protective equipment, self rescue skills and simple land based rescue techniques. It is a pre-requisite for the Swiftwater Flood Rescue Operator (SFRO) Course.
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Swiftwater Rescue Operator
The Swiftwater Flood Rescue Operator Course (SRO) is designed for rescue workers, rafting guides, outdoor education leaders, adventure guides, school teachers and paddlers. It incorporates the renowned Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1 Course.
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Swiftwater Flood Rescue Technician
The Swiftwater Flood Rescue Technician Course (SFRT) is an advanced level course that incorporates the internationally renowned Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 2 Course, and the latest nationally endorsed Units of Competency.
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Technical Rope Rescue Operator
The Technical Rope Rescue Operator (TRRO) integrates the most current technology and research on rope rescue from throughout the world. We teach the skills necessary to safely effect technical rope rescues in environments ranging from simple over-the-bank situations to vertical cliff and structure rescues. The TRRO level course focuses on rescue prevention, self-rescue skills, low angle rope rescue systems and simple systems for high angle rescues.
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Technical Rope Rescue Technician
The Technical Rope Rescue Technician (TRRT) follows on from the Technical Rope Rescue Operator (TRRO) Course.
This advanced level course focuses on high angle rescue techniques and more complex rescue systems. Participants must have a high level of competency in the TRRO course skills before undertaking the TRRT.
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Nationally Recognised Swiftwater and Flood Training

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RTG is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Training Framework and is authorised to issue students with a Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.